Saturday, August 07, 2004

Oh Good Grief Online


Oh Good Grief was started on an idea I had which comes from Charlie Brown (remember CB?) Charlie Brown would say, "Oh Good Grief" when things didn't go right, he was frustrated or upset.

That is exactly how I'm feeling nowadays and I needed a way to express my feelings about the "Oh Good Grief" situations in my life.

Basically it's about me living in this world and my take on it - how I see it. My opinions and feelings on living in this world, globally, nationally and locally.

A place to vent, to let it out and tell the world how I feel.

An example would be, for instance...

(1) California just raised the sales tax without my knowledge. What the f***? How was I not aware of this. I watch the news, listen to the radio, am an Internet junkie and I never found out. The government just slipped it in. Very interesting.

I'm just happy I got this blog started. I feel our opinions as individuals will ignite something in this country that hasn't happened before. A country for the people, run by the people.



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