Saturday, August 21, 2004

The Penis Enlargement Experts

LOL! :-)

Oh Good Grief! Or more like, "Oh my God!" :-O

I did an innocent search on Google - "writing testimonials" and this was one of the results about two pages in. (My innocent search turned into a guilty click)

Is this site serious? I mean, does anyone believe this? And what Man would want to carry that thing around for anyway.

I love some of the quotes,
"Last week I met this hot chick at a local bar, and after some flirting I got bold and put her hand right on my cock. She practically dragged me out of the bar and back to her house."
I gotta get it now!

Mr. Doc Don Carlson says, "I have read and reviewed the ingredients of the Virility Pills VP-RX formula and feel that this is a safe and effective maleenhancement formula."

He "feels" it's safe. He really doesn't know...but he feels it.

Oh crazy a people we are.

P.S. They could've picked a more suitable model to display the results. LOL. :-)

Oh Good Grief!


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