Tuesday, August 31, 2004

GOP's 9/11 Exploitation

A new Business Week article says, "The GOP's opening night stressed the memory of 9/11 while avoiding its exploitation".

Oh Good Grief!

The whole concept of the Republicans going back into the past to draw up memories of September 11 during the convention is an obvious attempt to exploit the disaster for political gain.

They (GOP) say it's about Bush's leadership after the attacks. Leadership? He "lead" us into war with IRAQ. A country proven to have no ties to the Al Qaeda network.

I want to know what war on terror has been taken care of?

  • We still haven't captured the man responsible for the September 11 attacks - a Mr. Osama bin Laden.
  • Most of our armed forces are in IRAQ, NOT in Afghanistan where Osama seems to be.
  • We are fighting the war on terror in IRAQ which has proven to have no links to the Al Qaeda organization.
How did Mr. Bush respond to September 11 attacks? We went to war in IRAQ.

Oh Good Grief.


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