Saturday, September 18, 2004

Open Up and Say Ahhh...

My girlfriend was reading a magazine the other day.

No harm in that.

She had the magazine folded over, so she was reading one side:

and when I walked by, all I saw was the other side,

which was this...


OH MY GOD! I mean...Oh Good Grief!

I took a double take. What the hell was she reading? Penthouse, Playboy? No, it was Jane magazine.

I started laughing to myself, not knowing no one else saw what I saw. My girlfriend wanted to know what was so funny. Here...let me show you my dear. ;-)

I showed her the full image first:

"Yeah so", she said.

"Okay, now look at it", I said covering the lower half of the image.

"What do you see now?", I asked.

"Oh My God!" She said.

I know. So blatant. (I'll leave you to fill in your own dirty details)

I guess she's supposed to be asking for help with her shoes. Right...asking for help. Sure she is.

I don't know about you, buy I can only see one thing she's asking for.

Oh Good Grief!


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