Saturday, October 30, 2004

Striking Hotel Workers Eligible for Unemployment

"More than 4,000 union hotel workers locked out of their jobs in San Francisco got a significant psychological and financial boost Thursday when the state concluded that they are eligible for unemployment insurance."

Are you kidding me?

These hotel workers, who voluntarily are striking, get to receive the same benefits I got when I lost my job, involuntarily.

So that means you can voluntarily go on strike and still collect unemployment. With that logic, when I quit, I should be able to receive unemployment. You choose to strike, you choose the consequences.

I thought the reason why unemployment was setup was in case you lost your job you'd have some kind of income until you could get a new job.

So, in California, if you choose to walk off the job (because you don't like it), voluntarily, you're eligible. Not a bad state we live in.

Oh Good Grief!

Friday, October 29, 2004

Are They Really Tools?

Check out this headline and image for the latest issue (November 2004) of Business Week:

I can see two or three "tools": Cell phones, laptops and maybe DVD recorders.

Media Center PC's? High Definition TV's? Come

I guess having a headline that read, "NEAT STUFF" wouldn't sound very "cool".

Deceptive advertising? You make the call.

Oh Good Grief!

Tuesday, October 19, 2004

I Win...And So Do The Lawyers

I just received a settlement notice from a class action lawsuit I never participated in.

Apparently Bank of America was sued for some reason and I got to collect on part of the settlement.

The notice was to inform me of my proceeds and to login to my account to view the results or money I received. I logged in.

A whopping $13.27! Wow, where am I going to spend it first? Should I retire now or still keep my current job? Hmmmm....decisions.

I thought, "Oh well, at least it's something". Then I got to thinking...Wait a minute, who really sued BofA? Lawyers on behaf of the public. I wonder how many lawyers it took to put this class action lawsuit together? I'm sure it was more than $13.27 worth.

Where did the money really go? To lawyers. Thanks - on behaf of me and the public, of course.

It was worth it. Wasn't it?

Oh Good Grief!

Saturday, October 09, 2004

Elections in Iraq...What about the US?

I don't know if ironic is a strong enough word, but the media and our current administration says were over in Iraq and Afghanistan to liberate each nation so they can have elections and become a democracy just like the U.S.

On the other hand only about half of the registered voters vote in this country.

Doesn't that seem a little strange and pathetic to some people.

We're spending billions of dollars to give Iraqis the right to vote yet we can't even get up off our asses in this country to vote.

Oh Good Grief!

P.S. If you're not registered, it's not too late (in some parts of the country). Get registered to vote.