Tuesday, October 19, 2004

I Win...And So Do The Lawyers

I just received a settlement notice from a class action lawsuit I never participated in.

Apparently Bank of America was sued for some reason and I got to collect on part of the settlement.

The notice was to inform me of my proceeds and to login to my account to view the results or money I received. I logged in.

A whopping $13.27! Wow, where am I going to spend it first? Should I retire now or still keep my current job? Hmmmm....decisions.

I thought, "Oh well, at least it's something". Then I got to thinking...Wait a minute, who really sued BofA? Lawyers on behaf of the public. I wonder how many lawyers it took to put this class action lawsuit together? I'm sure it was more than $13.27 worth.

Where did the money really go? To lawyers. Thanks - on behaf of me and the public, of course.

It was worth it. Wasn't it?

Oh Good Grief!


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